Job Board

YATA Canada educates young professionals about NATO, peace, prosperity, & security.

Offers an array of full and part-time career options within the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as a number of civilian roles within the Department of National Defence.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) offers a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff roles in various NATO locations around the globe.

Responsible for safeguarding the safety and security of Canadians through intelligence collection and analysis, and counter-terrorism. It offers a number of opportunities for those seeking to branch out into this field.

The Communications Security Establishment helps maintain the security of Canadians through the collection of foreign signals intelligence in support of the Government of Canada’s priorities. It offers a number of opportunities for both students and professionals seeking to branch out into this field.

With a wide mandate in the areas of law enforcement and national security, the RCMP is Canada’s national police service. With over 150 specializations, the RCMP provides a number of career opportunities as police officers or civilian personnel.

The Atlantic Council of the United States offers both an internship program, as well as a number of full-time positions within a number of issue areas and fields.

The Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. offers both a four-month internship program, as well as a number of other career opportunities.

The Ontario Public Service is one of the largest employers in Ontario, and offers a number of careers in administration, policy analysis, advising, and research.

The Public Service Commission of Canada provides postings for a variety of employment opportunities across the various departments of the Government of Canada.

Located in Toronto’s Discovery District, MaRS is a social innovation hub that helps foster the development of innovative solutions and outcomes among businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs. As such, it offers a number of employment opportunities in the field of science, technology, and innovation.

Committed to the development of critical resources required to safeguard the aerospace, defence, and transportation sectors.

Provides innovative security solutions.