The NATO Association of Canada’s Energy Security Program is directed by Dr. Robert M. Cutler, who is also Senior Research Fellow. The Program addresses energy-related issues of concern to NATO members and partners, ranging across a spectrum from the security of energy supply (and of energy demand for energy producers) to the physical security of energy infrastructure. It seeks also to anticipate and plan for geopolitical, geo-economic, and military developments worldwide, that may have implications for NATO countries’ energy security. To this end, it organizes webinars and publishes this Energy Security blog, as well as series of Research Briefs, Policy Papers, and Research Studies (also inventoried below). Individuals interested in contributing to any of these activities are invited to contact Dr. Cutler at the email address with the Subject: heading “NAOC Energy Security Program.”

Energy Security

A Trans-Balkan Pipeline Is the Next Project for EU’s Accelerated Energy Cooperation with Azerbaijan

Other than Norway, Azerbaijan is amongst the most plausible sources for increased European imports of natural gas in the near future. Therefore, it is little surprise that on April 25, its President Ilham Aliyev attended the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) with the Read More…

Energy Security

New European Energy Demand Confirms Azerbaijan’s Reliability

Azerbaijan is emerging as a crucial player in Europe’s energy-diversification strategy, as the European Union (EU) addresses its self-inflicted energy deficit that arose from its overreliance on wind and solar power and its failure to promote oil and gas development. The EU’s policy shift away from Russian oil and gas has led to the formation Read More…

Energy Security

Energy Security is No Longer a Luxury: Canadian and European Perspectives

Energy Security is No Longer a Luxury: Canadian and European Perspectives This event was live broadcast on our YouTube channel, and a recording can be viewed here. This webinar addressed the new geo-economics of energy production and consumption with special attention to Canada, Europe and their roles in global energy markets. The panelists considered the Read More…