About Us

About Us

The mission of NATO Association of Canada is to promote peace, prosperity, and security through knowledge and understanding of the importance of NATO.

We strive to educate and engage Canadians about NATO and NATO’s goal of peace, prosperity and security. NATO Association of Canada ensures that we have an informed citizenry able to contribute to discussions about Canada’s role on the world stage.

As a leading member of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), NATO Association of Canada has strong and enduring ties with sister organizations in many of the alliance countries, as well as members of NATO’s “Partnership for Peace” and “Mediterranean Dialogue” programmes. The NAOC has had a leading role in the recent transformation and modernization of the ATA, and helped to create and develop the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA).

The NAOC has strong ties with the Government of Canada including Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence. We are constantly working to create and maintain relationships with international organizations such as the World Bank Group, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, NATO Headquarters, the International Criminal Court, and other prominent international NGOs and think tanks

What we do?

NATO Association of Canada aims to meet its goal by:

  • Organizing and promoting, alone or in cooperation with others, a number of small seminars and roundtables;
  • Organizing and hosting an annual Gala dinner, a Spring Conference in Toronto, and a Fall Conference in Ottawa;
  • Organizing an annual Golf Tournament;
  • Hosting an international tour of an area of interest to NATO;
  • Publishing 15-25 articles a week on important international affairs issues;
  • Offering four-month internship placements to Canadian and international students and recent graduates looking to break into the field;
  • Sponsoring and creating youth-oriented activities and events such as essay contests, and a speakers’ program for secondary school students.

NATO Association of Canada is a registered charitable organization dependent for its operating budget on membership fees, donations, and sponsorship. Our Financial statements are available for the last three years under the “About Us” Tab.

Contact Us

Our national office is located in Toronto at 48 Yonge Street, one block from Union Station. We welcome visitors and encourage those concerned with Canadian transatlantic relations and international peace and security to seek membership!

Please check back to this website regularly for great commentary on current events issues, upcoming NAOC events, and other information important to you, our supporters.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns feel free to engage with us on social media or by email at info@natoassociation.ca.

NATO Association of Canada
48 Yonge Street, Suite 610
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1G6

Registered Charitable Organization Number 119011872RR0001