With fires and floods on the rise, should Canada take a more active stance on climate security?

Climate change has, in recent years, become a constant fixture in the realm of political discourse, with debates over environmental policy positioned to play a crucial role in both the upcoming Canadian and American elections, as well as abroad. Environmental stewardship is undoubtedly important to securing our own future, as outlined by the World Meteorological […]

A Tale of Two Salmans

Thirty years after the “Satanic Verses” controversy, the transnational threat to freedom of speech and the press is more acute than ever. The recent murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi – likely orchestrated by Saudi Arabia – is a case in point. So far, the pressure has been on Washington to punish Saudi Arabia, but Justin Dell argues that this issue is too combustable to be left to bilateral relations. What is needed is a broader multilateral approach, first to holding Saudi Arabia responsible for Khashoggi’s murder, and then to uphold the universal values of freedom of speech and expression. Only then can some kind of justice be obtained without risking the further destabilization of the Middle East.