Securing Canada’s Energy Future: A Recap

On Thursday, March 21, industrial representatives, academics, military officials and government figures came together in the Securing Canada’s Energy Future conference to mark the beginning of a new series of round table talks that will take place in the coming weeks. The NATO Council of Canada (NCC) organized the conference in order to “initiate discussion […]

Harper Government Announces support for Strengthening Economic Ties with South Eastern European Economies

On March 1st, Parliamentary Secretary Keddy highlighted the Government of Canada’s ambitious trade expansion plan as well as Canadian investment and expertise at work in Southeastern Europe’s industrial, infrastructure, mining and agricultural sectors.

Reconciling Sustainable Energy Development with Economic Growth

The need to confront climate change is no longer solely an academic debate. It is a policy priority. Climate change is one of the most devastating environmental problems of this century and has recently found its way into the center of political debate and discussion, even making its way onto President Barack Obama’s agenda as […]