NATO 70 Champions

As a way to ensure that Canadians from all walks of life will understand the importance of the NATO 70th Anniversary, the NATO Association of Canada has formed an advisory committee with General (Ret’d) Tom Lawson, to recommend the creation of a list of 70 Canadians from the areas of sport, arts, media, tech, business the military and government, to be “NATO Champions” for 2019-2020.

This group will be highlighted by the NATO Association, invited to our major events and will help spread our message about the importance of NATO and the international rules-based order to Canada.

NATO 70 Champions should:

1. Be respected Canadians
2. Demonstrate outstanding achievement in their field
3. Show dedication to Canada’s peace, prosperity and security
4. Have an interest in public education and civic engagement

If you believe a distinguished Canadian meets all of these requirements, you are welcome to nominate them to become a NATO 70 Champion by sending an email to